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Changeworx E-News: Fall 2013
by Jonathan Goodman Levitt

‘The little film that could’ comes to C-Span, Dok Leipzig & your living room Whether you’re receiving our seasonal mailing for the first time or with us for over a decade, thank you for being a part of what we’re … Continue reading

Changeworx E-News: Summer 2013
by Jonathan Goodman Levitt

Reflecting on who we are as Americans A confession: I was moved to tears by yesterday’s marking of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Dream” speech, which articulates so beautifully the idea & … Continue reading


Our very own NICK on “Learning to Be Authentic”
by Nick

When I first met Follow the Leader’s director Jonathan at Pennsylvania Boys State six years ago, I enjoyed being the guy (if only a 16-year-old guy at that) behind the camera – not in front of it. In fact, I … Continue reading

Through the Political Looking Glass with Hot Saas
by Don Saas

PART 3 of 3: SEE IT IF YOU DARE — THIS FILM COULD IMPROVE OUR COUNTRY Continued from PART 2 and before that PART 1. If I were a high school Civics or Government teacher (or a college Political Science … Continue reading


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