Changeworx E-News: Fall 2013
by Jonathan Goodman Levitt

‘The little film that could’ comes to C-Span, Dok Leipzig & your living room Whether you’re receiving our seasonal mailing for the first time or with us for over a decade, thank you for being a part of what we’re … Continue reading

Changeworx E-News: Summer 2013
by Jonathan Goodman Levitt

Reflecting on who we are as Americans A confession: I was moved to tears by yesterday’s marking of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Dream” speech, which articulates so beautifully the idea & … Continue reading

Children of the Red Mosque
Changeworx E-News: Spring 2013
by Jonathan Goodman Levitt

What will your world be like in 2040? Here at Changeworx we spend our time thinking about the future. What will our world be like a generation from now around 2040? All our films follow change over time as it … Continue reading

JGL Filming
Changeworx E-News: Summer 2012
by Jonathan Goodman Levitt

Welcome to the first-ever Changeworx E-News! We’re a little bit late in moving fully into the 21st Century…but it’s our pleasure to announce our new website, tell you about our current Kickstarter campaign for Follow the Leader, and share other … Continue reading

Why I made “Follow the Leader”
by Jonathan Goodman Levitt

After living abroad during 9/11 and for nearly a decade, Follow the Leader began as a personal investigation into the politics of today’s youth, whose contradictory views confused me while teaching in the U.S. post-9/11. But rather than trying to … Continue reading