Join Our Team

Do you also believe that film is the best medium for provoking the kinds of conversations that can influence our lives and our world for the better? Are you are passionate about documentary, civic engagement and/or something else you’ve seen on our website? Do people ever tell you you’re good at making things happen (whether you’ve made them happen before through film or not)? If your answer is YES to any or perhaps all of these questions, then we’d love to hear from you here!

This November, we’ve also put out a special calls for new interns on Idealist. If you’re a college student or recent graduate in New York, this opportunity may be right for you…in which case you can complete the website form so we can speak soon.
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For other ongoing and future work, Changeworx needs and will need:

Outreach Coordinators;
Producers of Marketing and Distribution;
Guerilla Marketeers;
Social Media Experts;
Designers and Artists;
Editing Assistants;
Interns; and

It’s a busy and exciting time for our small team as we plan the release of Follow the Leader and Follow the Leader: Reality Check Interactive – while also remaining in production on other films in Pakistan and Chile. Before we formalize our plans for the Reality Check Winter Tour, all current openings are part-time, volunteer, or on a stipend-for-project basis. There are also opportunities to earn commission on limited sales-related tasks. We have particular needs right now for artists and graphic designers to work on marketing materials; and for people with social media skills along with passion for what we’re doing to help us reach out to our core audiences online.

As funding allows, we will also be hiring additional staff to support our outreach efforts, so it would be wonderful to hear from you now. We’re still relatively new to working in New York (since Jonathan moved here from London in 2008), and are looking to form relationships that lead to various production and post-production jobs on our current and future projects.

It helps if you’re based near Brooklyn or lower Manhattan (because then we could meet more easily in-person); but some members of our team are elsewhere (we admit we’re not the most tech-savvy company out there, but we do use Skype!).

Thank you for filling out our brief form here, and someone from Changeworx will contact you as soon as possible.